Eurathlon 2015

RRLab has participated in days 17-25/9 to Eurathlon 2015, the robotics challenge that has been run in Piombino, Italy.

The challenge involved robots from air, land and sea domains and a total of 18 teams, that have challenged for 9 days on the beautiful italian coast in a disaster-response scenario inspired by the 2011 Fukushima accident.
As part of the team ICARUS, RRLab has contributed with the ground robot SUGV.

Numerous prizes have been awarded to the team ICARUS:
- UAV Aerial Mapping and Detection: 1st
- Mobile manipulation: 2nd
- Land+Air: 2nd
- Land+Sea: 2nd
- Air+Land+Sea: 2nd

Special prizes:
- Best Autonomy Award
- Best Multi-Robot Cooperation Award
- Innovation on the UAV domain