Lab destroyed

During the night from Sunday, the 15. of February to Monday, the 16. of February, our lab has been destroyed completely.

The police report can be read here (German only).

The hooligan has caused extensive damage to the premises as well as the furniture: Walls are smeared with paint, all of the glass panes between the rooms are broken, the floor is covered with toner and two sinks are destroyed. Furthermore, the offender has used a number of electrical devices as projectiles or damaged them beyond repair in another way. Numerous screens, computers, and laboratory power supplies cannot be repaired anymore.

Also several robots got damages. The most severe damage has been caused to the humanoid robot ROMAN, of which mechanical as well as electronic components were destroyed. Up to now, it is unclear whether repairing is feasible with justifiable effort. The financial damage on ROMAN alone can be estimated with 70k€ (only materials).

The total damage, however, is very hard to estimate at the moment. We are still in the process of recording the damage and conduct basic cleanup efforts. But it is already foreseeable that due to the large number of damaged or destroyed special parts and custom-made components not only high material costs arise, but also a huge personnel effort.

The motive of the offender is still unclear. However, we assume  that it is not a case of payback (e.g. because of not passing an exam).