Kinematical and dynamical basics

Aufgaben zur Kinematik und Kinetik

Exercises on kinematics and kinetics. This book especially references the book "Technische Mechanik: Kinematik und Kinetik" (see below).

Assmann, B. and Selke, P. (2002). Aufgaben zur Kinematik und Kinetik. Oldenbourg.

Fundamentals of Robotic Mechanical Systems,

Angeles especially focuses on the analytical description of robotic-systems. Hereby, he pictures the kinematical as well as the dynamical modelling of various robots.

The book is particularly suitable to understand the analytical description of existing robots. It is also suitable for the preparation for exams, since it contains some exercises with solution.

Fundamentals of Robotic Mechanical Systems. Theory, Methods, and Algorithms. Springer Verlag New York.

Kinematik und Robotik

The author describes the processes of moving in an analytical way. He covers the geometry and kinematics of serial and parallel robots as well as direct and inverse kinematics. He also introduces formally the kinematics and dynamics.

Husty, M., Karger, A., Sachs, H., and Steinhilper, W. (1997). Kinematik and Robotik. Springer Verlag.

Robotik Manipulaters: Mathematics, Programming and Control

This book is a standard-reference of robotics. The introduction in kinematics of robots is done quite formal.

Paul, R. (1981). Robotik Manipulaters: Mathematics, Programming and Control. The MIT Press.

Technische Mechanik: Kinematik und Kinetik

General introduction into kinematics and kinetics.

Assmann, B. (2001). Technische Mechanik: Kinematik und Kinetik. Oldenbourg.

Theory of Applied Robotics

This book offers a summary of the theoretical background of robotics, like calculation of orientation, speed and forward kinematics.

Jazar, R.N. (2007). Theory of Applied Robotics - Kinematics, Dynamics, and Control.