Autonomous Vehicle Operation of Commercial Vehicles in the Off-road Area using the Example of the Unimog - focus on preliminary research

Project Description

The pilot project, which is being developed in co-operation of the Chair of Robotics Systems (RRLab), Department of Computer Science at the University of Kaiserslautern, with CVC and other industrial partners, focuses on researching the perception and navigation of an autonomous commercial vehicle in rough terrain at the example of the Unimog. The RRLab, as an experienced technological expert, will be involved in the development of the technical solutions for autonomous off-road driving. In particular, the perception system is to be researched, which provides the necessary data for assisting systems as well as autonomous controls. This includes, among other things, the detection and evaluation of paths and the detection of static and dynamic obstacles. For the localization, probabilistic methods for the fusion of GPS and highly accurate coupling navigation methods are to be analyzed. A new biologically motivated perception concept is to be created in order to take account of the noisy and faulty sensor measurements, which allow the dynamically changing sensor data quality to be taken into account in the navigation, thus permitting a plausibility assessment of the calculated inferences. For navigation, concepts for path planning and adaptation of the trajectories at hazards such as holes, obstacles, slides, tipping are to be investigated. The examined and developed approaches are to be validated within the framework of an autonomous off-road parcour, which serves as the basis for different commercial vehicle applications. The main focus is on:

  •     Specification of the overall system
  •     Integration of the control and sensor components into the test vehicle
  •     Development of solutions for the localization of the vehicle and for environmental perception
  •     Solutions for navigation and control of the vehicle

The division of labor between the RRLab and the cluster management of the CVC consists of the latter taking over the accompanying project management, in particular in the cooperation with the demonstrator Unimog and possibly middle-sized enterprises involved in it.