RRLAB Barbecue

This year's barbecue of Robotics Research Lab will take place at Wednesday, 11.07.2018, at the parking area behind building 48.

In case of bad weather we will either organize some tents or go into our lab in the ground floor of building 48 (entrance on the left side behind the building or the circular stair from 48-3xx). As usual all (former) group members, students, practical workers of the robotics research lab, industry partners, deanery- and student council members, and such people who have some connection to our work-group are hereby invited. If somebody knows a person belonging to that group, which has not received an invitation yet he should just forward it. This year, the basic elements of a barbecue like grill, blaze, beer, nonalcoholic beverages, sauces, bread, emergency meat and seats will be brought by us. Our workgroup DJ will play a huge amount of good songs. Grillables, salads, desserts and good tember has to be brought by you. There is a list on our bulletin board in the lab, on which you can tell us the amount of people and what kind of special (salad, dessert, drinks, ...) you will bring. Nevertheless, just coming without advance notification is also possible.