Marvin: Mobile Autonomous Robotic Vehicle for Indoor Navigation

Further Information


While transport systems available on market are mainly based on planned or fixed routes, Marvin can react on dynamic changes of its surrounding through course changes, without user interaction or danger of collision exists. More important is its capability to autonomously explore unknown structured environments for map building. The extracted topological map serves as a base for transport tasks and facilitates an intuitive user interface (e.g. to target the destination positions). Due to the flexible structure of hardware and software future extensions can be easily integrated. For instance, in the smart factory scenario the robot could support service, maintenance and security personal through actual location-dependent information.

In order to meet these requirements in the future, new methods and techniques are developed at the Robotics Research Lab concerning obstacle avoidance, autonomous exploration of indoor environments (environmental modeling and mapping, finding objects of potential interest) as well as intuitive user control mechanisms. All these approaches are implemented and extensively tested on the robot Marvin.