Summarizing literature about robotics

Greifer in Bewegung

The book offers an overview from the basic conditions of the gripping-process via the history of automation to the workpiece.

Wolf, A. und Steinman, R. (2004). Greifer in Bewegung - Faszination der Automatisierung von Handhabungsaufgaben. Hanser, München, Deutschland.

Handbook of Robotics

This book offers a good overview on the different areas of robotics.

Siciliano, B. and Oussama, K. (Hrsg.) (2008). Springer Handbook of Robotics. Springer, Heidelberg, Deutschland.


This book offers a basic course about localization, interpolation, programming and control of industry-robots.

Wolfgang Weber (2002). Industrieroboter. Fachbuchverlag Leipzig im Carl-Hanser-Verlag.

Introduction to Autonomous Mobile Robots.

In this book, the various types of locomotion, drive kinematics, localisation- and navigation-procedures are presented.

Siegwart, R., Nourbakhhsh, I.R. (2004). Introduction to Autonomous Mobile Robots. The MIT Press.

Introduction To Robotics - Mechanics And Control

Basic knowledge about mechanics, control and programming of robotics systems.

Craig, J.J. (2005). Introduction To Robotics - Mechanics And Control, Pearson.

Perspektiven für menschliches Handeln in der zukünftigen Gesellschaft

This book covers the influences of robotics on the human live in presence and future. Thereby, also results of current research in that area are presented.

Christaller, T. (2001). Robotik. Springer, Heidelberg, Deutschland.

Robot Evolution

In this book, a historical overview on the development of several robots is given, as well as the state of the art.

The central motif of the compilation of the chapters is the description of the various components, which are needed for the realisation of androids.

M.E.Rosheim (1994). Robot Evolution - The Development of Anthrobotics. John Wiley and Sons.


This book aims to familiarize the reader with the basics of gripper-technology.

Hesse, S., Monkman G.J., Steinmann, R. and Schunk H. (2004). Robotergreifer - Funktione, Gesteltung und Anwendung industrieller Greiftechnik. Hanser, München, Deutschland.

Roboter - Geschichte, Technik, Entwicklung

This book offers an overview on the historical evolution of robotics. It covers the area of literature and film as well as the scientific progression.

Ichbiah, D. (2005). Roboter - Geschichte, Technik, Entwicklung. Knesebeck, München, Deutschland.

Robotik: Programmierung intelligenter Roboters

The focus of this book is on task-oriented programming of robots. For this, the basics sufficient for understanding are introduced.

Siegert, H.-J. and Bocionek, S. (1996). Robotik: Programmierung intelligenter Roboter. Springer, Heidelberg, Deutschland.