Seminar: Embedded Systems and Robotics

Nr. Title SWS Date Location Begin
INF-61-72-S-7 Seminar: Embedded Systems and Robotics S2

Wednesday 15:15 - 16:15




Prof. Dr. Karsten Berns

Contact Person

M. Sc. Qi Liu, Geb. 48-370


You can find the exercises and materials here


The seminar participants should become acquainted with the topic dependent on the selected literature and search additional publications. Beside the presentation (Bachelor 30 min, Master/Diploma 40 min) a report of 6-8 pages (Bachelor) resp. 8-10 pages (Master/Diploma) has to be prepared.

Instructions concerning the content and structure of a seminar can be found at 



Report templates can be found here. Please use the template "LaTeX-Vorlage für Seminar (IEEE)".

The master for presentation slides is "Folien PowerPoint (Layout 2013)" or the LaTeX equivalent.



Zuhair ZafarImprovement of Inaction Skills based on Self-Perception and Self-Adaptation
Atabak NezhadfardEnergy Analysis of Human Walking Gait
Atabak NezhadfardMuscle Activation in Human Running and Jumping
Qi LiuReinforcement Learning of Leg-Robot Locomotion
Qi LiuLearning Motor Primitive for Robotics
Tobias GrollAutomated Planning for Mobile Robots
Patrick WolfNear-to-far Learning for Rough Off-road Environment
Patrick WolfOff-Road Navigation of Heavy Vehicles
Patrick WolfAutonomous Road Construction
Patrick WolfCooperation of Autonomous Robots
Patrick WolfRobotic Simulation Engines
Steffen HermerState-of-the-art in wheelloader automation
Steffen HermerState-of-art in point set registration algorithms
Steffen HermerSurface reconstruction in industry automation
Steffen HermerFrom Civ. Eng. CAD data to robotic excavation 
Steffen HermerForce-feedback in hydr. robotic arms using neuronal networks
Massimo TosaStability Analysis of Mobile Manipulators
Alexander KöpperSOPC Interconnect Methods
Alexander KöpperHardware Accelerators  for Motion Planning
Tanittha SutjaritvorakulMotion Prediction Based on Local Environment Context
Tanittha SutjaritvorakulDataset Analysis in Object Detection

Time Schedule

Milestone Date
Preliminary talk 25.10.2017

Meet your supervisor

Gather and read your sources 6.11.2017
Delivery of structure 4.12.2017
First version 08.01.2018
Final version 23.01.2018
Presentation slides 29.01.2018



  • Preconditions concerning Bachelor/Master see module handbook / Intermediate Diploma
  • Recommended: Lecture "Foundations of Robotics"

Precondition for examination

After sucessful participation (incl. literature search, meetings, presentation, report) a graded certificate will be given out.


At the first meeting the different seminar topics will be presented and first publications will be given out. Additional sources should be used. Some search engines can help: