Service Robots and Assistance Systems

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INF-61-81-L-7 Master-Projekt: Service Robots and Assistance Systems PT (halbtägig)

Wednesday 13:45 - 15:15




Prof. Karsten Berns

Contact Person

M.Sc. Qi Liu,, raum 48-370


You can find the exercises and materials here


Kick-off Meeting

The preliminary discussion for the master project takes place at Wednesday 11.04.2018 at 14:00 in room 48-379.



The target of the project is to work at a specific topic independently. This contains the planing and implementation of systems or part of systems in our current projects.


Preliminary workbefore 30th April, 2018

Literature research, methodology discussion and work planning with your supervisor

Implementation of project researchfrom May to July, 2018

You are required to show up three and a half days per week in the lab

Discuss with your supervisor frequently

Preparing for presentationbefore 10th July, 2018

Experiments, summarizing the project work

Presentationmid of July, 2018

Last week of lecture period (between 09th to 15th of July)

Length: 25-30 mins

Paper writingbefore 30th September, 2018

6 pages of a report in IEEE paper style

Submit the report not later than 30.09.2017 (end of the semester)


  • You should keep up with the deadlinesotherwiseyou are not allowed to continue your project work.
  • Please go to the supervisor first to confirm if the topic is still available before registration.
  • You are required to show up at least three and a half days per week in the lab and discuss with your supervisor frequently.
  • Please give the report to your supervisor in advance so that she/he will have enough time to read and give you feedback. 


IEEE Paper Template

In the summer semester 2018 these topics are available:



Optimization-Based Muscle Selection for General Purpose End-Effector Control

Patrick Vonwirth

Bioinspired Planar BalancingPatrick Vonwirth
Topview Detection via CNNs

Axel Vierling

Semantic Segmentation with Deep Experts

Axel Vierling

Automated VHDL-code Generation from iB2C-designerAlexander Köpper / Thorsten Ropertz
3D Reconstruction of Testing Envionments in UnrealPatrick Wolf
Implementation of a Radar Sensor in Unreal

Patrick Wolf

Adoption of Spring/tendon Action in Human Muscle

Atabak Nezhadfard

Integration of Force Sensor in Prothtetics Foot

Atabak Nezhadfard

Hopping Motion Control in CARL

Atabak Nezhadfard

Body Orientation Estimation from 2D Optical Flow-basedTanittha Sutjaritvorakul
UNREAL simulation of counter force in a digging holeTobias Groll
UNNREAL soil simulation - digging a holeTobias Groll
Representation/Visualisation of Grid Maps/Point CloudsSteffen Hemer
3D ToF Data Registration/FusionSteffen Hemer
Rock DetectionSteffen Hemer
Obstacle Avoidance in Autonomous Cars using Deep Reinforcement LearningHannan Ejaz Keen
Image Segmentation in the Traffic Scene using Deep LearningHannan Ejaz Keen

Major course assessment

  • Written report
  • Presentation

The presentations will take place at the end of the lecture period. The specific date will be announced.