Templates for scientific papers

Written reports should be created in LaTeX under usage of the template below. The list of literature should be entered into the BibTeX-file according to the examples.

Seminar-reports shall be created as the only chapter in the file input.tex in the seminar-template, so that the seperate reports can be compiled into a "complete works" afterward.

LaTeX is included in most Linux-distributions (e.g. the TeTeX-packets). As editing-program for example Kile or Emacs with a Plugin (AUCTEX) can be used.

In Windows, you can use MiKTeX (Latex Compiler) combined with TeXnicCenter (alternatively WinEdt or TeXworks) as an editing-program.

A decent compilation about LaTeX is given by Matthias Pospiech

Remark about MiKTeX: For our template, the "Small" version is sufficient. Furthermore, you'll need the following LaTeX-packets: vmargin, fancyhdr and thumbpdf. These can be downloaded as *.CAB files from http://www.dante.de/cgi-bin/ctan-index.

Templates for thesises, papers, reports and presentation

Type of template Download
LaTeX Template for Bachelor-/Master-Thesis zip (3,5MB)
LaTeX Template for Seminar / Project (IEEE) zip (0,7MB)
LaTeX Template for Seminar / Project (IEEE) (German) zip (0,7MB)
Slides PowerPoint (Layout 2013) zip (3,3MB)
Slides LaTeX (Layout 2013) tar.gz (1,1MB)
Slides OpenOffice (old Layout) otp (117KB)
Template for the covering page doc (20KB)