Wissenschaftliche Arbeiten

Der Lehrstuhl Robotersysteme bietet studentische Arbeiten (Projekt/Bachelor, Diplom/Master) in einer Vielzahl von Themenfeldern der Robotik an.

Weiter unten findet sich eine Liste mit einigen der aktuellen Themenausschreibungen. Kommt ruhig mal bei uns im Lehrstuhl Robotersysteme vorbei und erkundigt euch nach weiteren Arbeiten.

Aktuelle Ausschreibungen

Titel der Arbeit Art der Arbeit Kurze Beschreibung Betreuer
Changing Of Digging Method To Solve Complex Task Bachelor/Master In our further projects in the topic of excavation with heavy machines we have already implemented a solution to dig a trench automatically. Our project machine can excavate a trench with a solution which is not so precise but it can remove a big amount of mass in every trenching cycle. For some tasks it is necessary to change the approach to get for example a more precise trench. This can be reached for example by using a strategy that drags the soil away and give the trench the expected shape. Your task will be to define such further strategies for digging with different properties. Additionally you should define a mechanism to switch between the different solutions within our already defined architecture. An example could be to change from mass excavation to shaping, which can be implemented as a dragging movement. Tobias Groll
Simulation of environment modi- fication and integration in V-Rep Bachelor/Master Extend the existing environment changing simulations and integrate them into V-Rep  
Bucket/trench monitoring by PMD camera on an excavator arm Bachelor/Master Integrate a high-resolution 3D PMD camera on excavator arm, transform and mask data due to knowledge of the arm state, fuse with previous data and informations from other ranging sensors and derive digging adaptations Steffen Hemer
Visual servoing/feedback calibration of an excavator arm using rotary laserscanners Master Steffen Hemer
Jumping Locomotion for Humanoid Robot Bachelor/Master Recently in our lab, we have developed a musculoskeletal robotic leg. This leg has a high resemblance to the human leg and its muscle structure. To understand how the muscles interact during motion, we are currently planning to implement jumping locomotion on the V-REP simulation. There is an opportunity to study about human lower body structure and how to use this knowledge in the context of the robotic application. You will learn about robotic manipulation, optimization, and implementation of the different controllers to investigate the functional role of muscles in human leg. Since few robotics lab have the access to musculoskeletal robots, the result of the thesis could be published on prestigious conferences. Atabak Nezhadfard

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Vorlagen für Seminar-, Projekt- und Diplomarbeiten finden sich hier. Dabei wird für Ausarbeitungen LaTeX und für Vorträge PowerPoint verwendet.

Abgeschlossene Arbeiten

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