Student Research Work

The list below gives an overview of only some of the currently open theses. Feel free to visit us at the Robotics Research Lab to get more information.

Currently Open Theses

Title Type Description Supervisor
SUGV kinematics and dynamics on FPGA Bachelor/Master There are several Thesis topics regarding the SUGVII, with a focus of implementation and research on the use of FPGAs and SoPCs. Alexander Köpper
Human-like, compliant robotic leg – CARL Bachelor/Master Despite decades of research, the most natural and most basic skill for all humans is still an unsolved problem – Bipedal Locomotion Artificial, bipedal locomotion is not just a basic movement, but a very complex and&nbsp; challenging skill. It combines accurate sensor data processing with complex and intelligent control strategies. From the sensory point of view, it is mandatory to achieve a very precise self recognition of the robot’s internal<br />state, as well as a good estimation of its surrounding world. The physical interaction with the observed environment requires the necessity of a simple, but precise physical control strategy. With the goal of free, planar bipedal locomotion, piece by piece, every single aspect of the necessary perception and control will be developed, validated and finally integrated individually.<br /><br /> Patrick Vonwirth
Optimal path planning for Hopping control of the musculoskeletal robot Bachelor/Master By deriving the dynamics of the robotic leg, the optimal input for the robot will be calculated using the optimal control methodology.<br /> The objective is to understand the influence of tendon-like elasticity in the hopping performance. Atabak Nezhadfard
Design of the controller for the hopping locomotion of the compliant robot Leg Bachelor/Master The objective is to design a controller for the robotic leg that can mimic human muscle actions during hopping. The thesis will be done in simulation and will be verified on the musculoskeletal robot CARL. Atabak Nezhadfard

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Finished work

The thesises, which were finished at the RRLAB can be found at their own subpages.