Robotics Research Lab


Simulation environments are representing an important tool for the development of autonomous robot controls. In the following, various simulation tools and their application in research are presented.

Unreal Engine 4

The Unreal Engine 4 is a professional game engine developed by Epic Games. The platform offers photorealistic rendering, VR connectivity, open world design, blueprint scripting and full C++ source access. Projects like NVIDIA FleX complement the existing PhysX engine with particle simulations. A marketplace provides access to a number of projects and content.

Finroc is realized as a Unreal project which starts the Finroc runtime environment and ports from the engine. It is possible to control and interact with robots in a complex, open, photorealistic world. The detailed simulation of sensor technology includes for example, typical camera-fades, -noise, or -blurring which have a wide influence on the controller in real systems.

Unreal is currently being used in road construction scenarios with the road rollers BW154 and BW147 for the AMMCOA project, where a few kilometers of the federal highway B10 are reconstructed and simulated. Likewise, Gator, Unimog, Backhoe and the environment detection of the mobile cranes of the SafeguARd project are tested virtually.

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