Robotics Research Lab

Bomag BW154 & BW174


The two road rollers BW154 and BW174 of the Bomag GmbH are research platforms of the AMMCOA project. In a road production scenario, approaches for the coordination of different autonomous construction machines such as road pavers, feeders, rollers and trucks are being researched. As a paver requires a continuous mass flow, feeders and trucks must be coordinated accordingly to ensure a steady supply. Likewise, a cooperation of the road rollers for the compression of the material takes place, because of the compression process is subject to high time and precision requirements.

As part of this, two road rollers were converted to fully autonomous systems and equipped with variable sensors for environmental awareness and surround safety. In addition to the development of control concepts for the individual rolls in a road construction environment, equally complex cooperation solutions are being developed. Here, the systems benefit from high bandwidths of a local "5G" communication infrastructure.

In addition to the development of real road rollers, also complex scenarios are simulated. Thus, complex construction area environments can be created virtually and the research approaches can be checked in advance and with any number of cooperation partners. After successful simulation tests, a transfer of control software and validation takes place on the real platforms.


M. Sc. Patrick Wolf

Thorsten Ropertz



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