Robotics Research Lab


Empathic Mechanized Anthropomorphic Humanoid


Introducing Emah - a revolutionary human-like social robot designed for natural and efficient interaction with humans. With its advanced ability to recognize and predict human emotions and intentions through non-verbal cues such as facial expressions, hand gestures, and head poses, Emah is ushering in a new era of social robotics. Tailored conversations from personalized needs and preferences based on past experiences and contexts ensures a notion of trust, better engagement and long-term relationships in human-robot interaction. Emah also responds appropriately to speech, with a real-time speech recognition system and information extraction strategies. Join us in creating a better future of social interaction with Emah.

Emah is the world’s most advanced robot with a truly human form manufactured by Engineered Arts with the following specifications:

  • Height 1870 mm
  • Weight 49 kgs
  • Binocular eye mounted cameras
  • Binaural ear mounted microphones
  • Speaker on chest
  • 51 degress of freedom
  • ZED2 camera mounted on chest
  • Eye tracking based on face detection

We invite researchers and companies to collaborate with us to explore the possibilities of Emah in various applications, from healthcare and education to entertainment and service robotics. Join us in shaping the future of human-robot interaction with Emah.

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