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The robot Unimog U5023 is a Mercedes Benz Special Trucks vehicle with high-level terrain mobility and many possible utilization areas. It is characterized by extreme off-road capability and features like differential locks, a central tire inflation system, a high number of gears, frame torsion, centerline torsion, and portal axle. Therefore, the applied research benefits from its ability to access rough terrain not included in the previous research programs. Accordingly, a research focus is on developing robust and secure commercial vehicles' navigation solutions in rough and unstructured terrain. Compared to on-road applications, off-road navigation is still an unsolved research problem with high technical barriers. Nevertheless, the legal regulations for autonomous commercial vehicles in unstructured terrain are typically less strict, and concepts commercialize more easily.

The Unimog's central research topics are the progress of robust perception systems, novel navigation methodologies in challenging environments, and the deployment of autonomous tooling in harsh or at least complex environments. Consequently, the vehicle's perception provides, for instance, detailed information about object detections, classifications, scene context, the evaluation of passages, plus obstacles. On top of that, there are biologically motivated methods for localization and general quality assessment of the sensor system. Especially in unstructured environments, a robot system is often influenced and disturbed by noisy and faulty sensor measurements.

Therefore, project partners and lab members extended a standard Unimog 5023 for autonomous deployment, including a new steering and braking system, computing capabilities, and sensor systems. Furthermore, a complex simulation of the Unimog was built, including all the vehicle's extras and characteristics. On account of this, it is possible to simulate risky maneuvers in heavy terrain before testing them in real life.




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    Ganesh Sundaram
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    Simon Velden
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    Hannes Endres
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    Moritz Oswald


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