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M. Sc. Steffen Hemer


Room 48-352

Tel.: +49 631 205 2805


Steffen Hemer studied applied computer science at TU Kaiserslautern from 2006 to 2015. Already since 2008, he cares for the school courses of the Robotics Research Lab and wrote his bachelor thesis about the development of a LeJOS simulation for LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT robots. He finished his postgraduate studies with the thesis "Trajectory Planning for Typical Excavation Tasks". Since 2015 he is working as PhD student in the Robotics Research Lab and continues research on the automation of a backhoe loader.


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  • Autonome Off-Road Navigation von Nutzfahrzeugen. Erfahrungsbericht und Testergebnisse des CVC-Leitprojekts zum autonomen Fahrbetrieb von Nutzfahrzeugen im Off-Road-Bereich.
    Karsten Berns, Patrick Wolf and Steffen Hemer
    CVC News, Vol. 1, S. 4 - 10. (2020)
  • Classification of Rocks inside a Rock Pile for Task Planning.
    Tobias Groll, Steffen Hemer and Karsten Berns
    8. Fachtagung Baumaschinentechnik 2020, (2020)
  • Evolution of robotic simulators. Using UE 4 to enable real-world quality testing of complex autonomous robots in unstructured environments.
    Patrick Wolf, Tobias Groll, Steffen Hemer and Karsten Berns
    Proceedings of the 10th International Conference on Simulation and Modeling Methodologies, Technologies and Applications (SIMULTECH 2020), S. 271 - 278. (2020)
  • Autonomous trenching with hierarchically organized primitives.
    Tobias Groll, Steffen Hemer, Thorsten Ropertz and Karsten Berns
    Automation in Construction, Vol. 98, S. 214 - 224. (2019)
  • Backhoe Bucket Volume and Trench Monitoring using a Time-of-Flight Camera.
    Steffen Hemer, Tobias Groll and Karsten Berns
    7. Fachtagung Baumaschinentechnik 2018, (2018)
  • A Behavior-based Architecture for Excavation Tasks.
    Tobias Groll, Steffen Hemer, Thorsten Ropertz and Karsten Berns
    34th International Symposium on Automation and Robotics in Construction (ISARC), S. 1005 - 1012. (2017)
  • Autonomous Backhoe Loader.
    Tobias Groll, Steffen Hemer and Karsten Berns
    6. Fachtagung Baumaschinentechnik 2015, Vol. 49, S. 351 - 366. (2015)
  • Trajectory Planning for Typical Excavation Tasks.
    Steffen Hemer
  • Entwicklung einer LeJOS-Simulation für Lego Mindstorms NXT-Roboter.
    Steffen Hemer


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