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Foundations of Embedded Systems

INF-60-03-M-5Foundations of Embedded Systems4V

Monday 16:00 - 17:30

Tuesday 14:00 - 15:30



 ExerciseThursday 16:00 - 17:3046-26028.04.2022


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During the lecture period you can find the lecture at OLAT. The course credentials can be accessed here:

There you will also have access to all Materials, as well as exercise sheets and organizational information.


After the semster you can download the slides, as well as the exercise sheets here. Login with RHRK authentification will be activated, once the OLAT course is finished.

At the current point in time, lectureses as well as exercises will take place in person. However, this might change depending on the overall situation. In any case you can view recordings of the old lecture in OLAT. Further information can also be found in OLAT.


The lecture introduces the area of embedded systems and robotics.

For this, the necessary foundations and principles of electrical engineering and systems theory are presented.

At the example of robotic systems, specific aspects of embedded systems are presented, like architectures and technologies, real-time, periphery and reliability.

Furthermore, modelling of robotic systems will be introduced.


To take the exam, the successful participation in the exercise beforehand is required. Details on this are given in the first lecture/exercise.


Related literature will be presented within the lectures.

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