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Foundations of Robotics 23/24

INF-60-02-M-5Foundations of Robotics3VMo 15:30 - 17:0048-21023.10.2023
INF-60-02-K-5Exercise (14 days)Wed 11:45h - 13:15h46-210Date: see lecture.
Attendance is compulsory for the exercise certificate.


Prof. Dr. Karsten Berns

Contact Person

M. Sc. Axel Vierling, Geb. 48-362

Lecture Material

During the Lecturephase:


During the Lecturephase:


  • Modelling of robotic systems (kinematics and dynamics)
  • Trajectory planning
  • Control architectures for robotic systems
  • Planning
  • Foundation of programming



Precondition for examination

  • Reasonable solving of the exercises
  • Solving of the exercises in groups of 2-3 students
  • Submission of the exercise sheets on Fridays before the exercise in OLAT
  • Presentation of solutions, therefore at least one member must be present in exercise

Registration for the exercise until  04.11.2022 in OLAT.


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