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Master-Projekt: Service Robots and Assistance Systems

INF-61-81-M-7Master-Project: Service Robots and Assistance Systems4LContact your supervisors
(Organization Q&A: 10:00)


Contact Person


Students from departments except "Computer Science" should inform the supervisor beforehand about the number of credit points they get out of the Master Project.



The target of the project is to work at a specific topic independently. This contains the planing and implementation of systems or part of systems in our current research projects. For more details please contact your respective Supervisors.


Select a topic and contact supervisor
Register at examination office
Deadline to meet your supervisor
Preliminary work (Literature research, methodology discussion and work planning with your supervisor)
Implementation of project research (Lab attendence of three and a half days per week)
Preparing for presentation (Experiments, summarizing the project work)
Presentation (Length: 25-30 mins)
Report writing (6 pages of a report in IEEE paper style)
Report submission



  • You should keep up with the deadlines set by your supervisor, otherwise, you are not allowed to continue your project work.
  • Please discuss your progress with your supervisor frequently.
  • Registration in the QIS is mandatory for computer science students (please follow your exam regulations)
  • The final report (6 pages) must be written with our template available here.
  • Please give the report to your supervisor in advance so that she/he will have enough time to read and give you feedback.


Ashita AshokGesture-based Control of Intuitive Social RobotAvailable
Ashita AshokVisual Speech recognition for HRIAvailable
Ashita AshokPersonable Social RobotAvailable
Ashita AshokIntentions recognition in HRIAvailable
Jörg HusemannSimulation of a Robotic armAvailable
Jakub PawlakObject detection with Sparse neural networksAvailable
Jakub PawlakSalient object detectionAvailable
Jakub PawlakEvaluation of Visual Question AnsweringAvailable
Jakub PawlakNeural Radiance fields for Tree InspectionAvailable
Jakub PawlakPhotogrammetry for Dataset GenerationAvailable
Jakub PawlakFinroc Interoperability in Python/C++Available
Pankaj DeoliSemantic segmentation using Multi-spectral imagery of forestsAvailable
Dennis MeckelDocumentation Integration in FinstructAvailable
Dennis MeckelSensor OntologyAvailable
Maxmillian KunzAnimation maping from Unreal to RealAvailable
Maxmillian KunzTest and validate senso positions in SimulationAvailable
Maxmillian KunzPedestrian simulation in UnrealAvailable
Hannan Ejaz KeenAnalyzing Winter Wheat Phenological Stages to Enable Yield BoostingAvailable
Hannan Ejaz KeenDataset Generation and Labeling for Shallow Surface Water SystemsAvailable
Hannan Ejaz KeenSurface and Underwater Traversability MappingAvailable
Hannan Ejaz KeenAnalyzing Winter Barley Phenological Stages to Enable Yield BoostingAvailable

Major course assessment

  • Written report
  • Presentation

The presentations will take place upon the completion of the project task.

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