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Master-Projekt: Service Robots and Assistance Systems

INF-61-81-L-7Master Project: Service Robots and Assistance Systemspart




* Due to the current COVID-19 situation, there may be last-minute changes.


Update 25 March 2021:

An overview of the topics offered is given in the table below. A more detailed information on the mode or content of these projects can be found here.

Interested students are required to contact an intended supervisor about their interests and then register with Sarwar  via e-mail once a topic is finalized. The registration is possible only if a topic is assigned by a supervisor. Therefore, interested students are requested to first contact a supervisor.

The following Zoom link can be used to attend the kick-off meeting to be held on April 21st at 14:00 - 15:00

Students from departments except "Computer Science" should inform the supervisor beforehand about the number of credit points they get out of the Master Project.



The target of the project is to work at a specific topic independently. This contains the planing and implementation of systems or part of systems in our current research projects.


  • Please contact a supervisor to get a specific topic for the project
  • You should keep up with the deadlines set by your supervisor, otherwise, you are not allowed to continue your project work.
  • Please discuss your progress with your supervisor frequently.
  • The final report (6 pages) must be written with our template available here.
  • Please give the report to your supervisor in advance so that she/he will have enough time to read and give you feedback.


Top view object detection/trackingTanittha Sutjaritvorakul
Servo Motor Control and Sensor Access using Jetson Board's GPIO PinsJörg Husemann
VHDL-Simulation of SUGV-PeripheralsAlexander Köpper
Behavior-Based Visual Servoing on a hybrid HW/-SW-PlatformAlexander Köpper

Visualization of a Behavior-Based Sense-Control-Network within the Finstruct-Tool

Patrick Vonwirth

Natural, Behavior-Based Bipedal Balance

Patrick Vonwirth

Dynamic Position/Trajectory Control

Patrick Vonwirth

Limb and Body Control Coordination

Patrick Vonwirth
Shift CPU Code to Logic on an FPGA using VHDLVonwirth / Kötting
Software Requirements Specification for components of the iB2C architectureDennis Meckel
Tool-assisted inspection of Behavior ModelsDennis Meckel
Tool-assisted parametrization of configuration files for Finroc programsDennis Meckel
Multi-modal context verification in Human Robot InteractionSarwar Paplu
Applying visual groundings of phrases in the context of HRISarwar Paplu
Implement Classification Algorithm on FPGA/SoPC Christian Kötting

Major course assessment

  • Written report
  • Presentation

The presentations will take place upon the completion of the project task.

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