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Seminar: Robotics and Artificial Intelligence



Seminar: Robotics and Artificial Intelligence



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OLAT Course: (access code will be provided by supervisor to finalized students)
Organizational Info: Kick-Off slides

Time Schedule

Preliminary talk26.10.2023

Internal Registeration +
Deadline to meet your supervisor

Literature Research Lesson10.11.2023
Reading + Structure24.11.2023
Introduction +
Concepts & Assumptions
First Report Version12.01.2023
Final Report Version +
Draft Presentation slides
Final Presentation slides26.01.2023
Final Meet with Supervisor02.02.2024
In-person Presentations05.02.2024 to


Report templates can be found here. Please use the template "LaTeX-Vorlage für Seminar (IEEE)".

The master for presentation slides is "Presentation Folien PowerPoint" or the LaTeX equivalent.


The seminar participants should become acquainted with the topic dependent on the selected literature and search additional publications. Beside the presentation (approx. 30 minutes) a report of 6-8 pages (Bachelor) resp. 8-10 pages (Master/Diploma) has to be prepared.

Instructions concerning the content and structure of a seminar can be found at 

Seminar registration is not possible before the Kickoff meeting. This event will take place in person (no video streaming)


Sarwar PapluSurvey of metrics for Human-Robot InteractionUnvailable
Sarwar PapluMulti-party Turn-taking in Human-Robot Interaction (HRI)Available
Axel VierlingIntrospection for Object Detection in RoboticsUnvailable
Axel VierlingAuxiliary Tasks and Domains for Object DetectionUnvailable
Patrick VonwirthOnline Learning of System DynamicsAvailable
Ashita AshokHallway conversations with EmahUnvailable
Ashita AshokThinking beyond the Human: Emah‘s FeaturesUnvailable
Hannan KeenObject Detection and Segmentation Datasets of water bodiesAvailable
Hannan KeenMultispectral Drone Datasets for crop monitoringAvailable
Jakub PawlakUnsupervised Learning in RoboticsUnvailable
Jakub PawlakUnpaired Image2Image TranslationAvailable
Hamza JanInteraction System for Vehicles in Pedestrian ZonesAvailable
Hamza JanPedestrian Intention Based Decision Making for Autonomous VehiclesAvailable
Pankaj DeoliReinforcement learning for off-road autonomous drivingAvailable
Pankaj DeoliActive learning and Pseudo-labeling for unknown objects in dataset generationAvailable


  • Preconditions concerning Bachelor/Master see module handbook
  • Recommended: Lecture "Foundations of Robotics"

Precondition for examination

After successful participation (incl. literature search, meetings, presentation, report) a graded certificate will be given out.



At the first meeting the different seminar topics will be presented and first publications will be given out. Additional sources should be used. Some search engines can help:

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