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Bachelor seminar: Embedded Systems and Robotics

INF-61-72-S-7 Bachelor seminar: Embedded Systems and RoboticsS2

Wednesday 15:45 - 16:45



Next seminar event "Presentations" will be conducted virtually on 04.02., 05.02. and 08.02.2021 at 08:30.  Groupwise virtual attendance in these events is mandatory!

Link to Präsentation:




Please use RHRK credentials to download. Some of the slides presented in Literature Research event are missing due to copyright issues.


The seminar participants should become acquainted with the topic dependent on the selected literature and search additional publications. Beside the presentation (Bachelor 30 min, Master/Diploma 40 min) a report of 6-8 pages (Bachelor) resp. 8-10 pages (Master/Diploma) has to be prepared. 

Instructions concerning the content and structure of a seminar can be found at

Due to COVID-19 situation, the Kickoff meeting will be a hybrid event (online + offline). Physical attendance in this event is not mandatory. If you attend the meeting in-person, please make sure you generate a QR code for personal data as described on the website:

The link to the kickoff meeting:

Seminar registration is not possible before the Kickoff meeting.


Report templates can be found here. Please use the template "LaTeX-Vorlage für Seminar (IEEE)".

The master for presentation slides is "Folien PowerPoint (Layout 2013)" or the LaTeX equivalent.


Patrick VonwirthBipedal Balance in Motion
Patrick VonwirthNatural Reflexes
Jörg HusemannCooperative Navigation of UGVs
Jörg HusemannPath Planning of ground vehicles using aerial support
Dennis MeckelControl Architectures for AMR
Dennis MeckelCode Generation from Models
Dennis MeckelMDE/MDD in the Domain of Robotics
Tim DellmannSensor Fusion in Agriculture
Tim DellmannObject Detection and Classification in Point Clouds
Tanittha SutjaritvorakulTraditional vs DL obj detection: overhead view as case study (e.g. feature extraction)
Tanittha SutjaritvorakulReliability of DL obj detection in automation industry (e.g. adversarial ML or attack)
Tanittha SutjaritvorakulThe review of the simulation platform for object recognition
Tanittha SutjaritvorakulCamera usage and system for construction safety
Alexander KöpperSoPCs as Safety Devices (Showing why and how they are used in safety-related applications, comparison to processor-based systems)
Alexander KöpperVerification methods for reliable SoPC-Systems (What can be verified and how, possibly comparison to pure microcontroller system)

Time Schedule

Preliminary talk28.10.2020

Deadline to meet your supervisor

Literature Research (virtual event)12.11.2020
Gather and read your sources25.11.2020
Delivery of structure11.12.2020
First version15.01.2021
Final version29.01.2021
Presentation slides03.02.2021





  • Preconditions concerning Bachelor/Master see module handbook / Intermediate Diploma
  • Recommended: Lecture "Foundations of Robotics"

Precondition for examination

After successful participation (incl. literature search, meetings, presentation, report) a graded certificate will be given out.


At the first meeting the different seminar topics will be presented and first publications will be given out. Additional sources should be used. Some search engines can help:

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