Lehrstuhl Robotersysteme


A Climbing Robot with Eleven Vacuum Adhesion Chambers


The Climbing Robot CREA is developed to climb up flat concrete walls. Due to its big size and weight the robot uses the suction system to generate necessary adhesive force. This suction system consists of eleven chambers which are thermodynamically connected to one common reservoir. The robot also uses the wheel-based locomotion which introduces challenging control dilemma when integrating with suction system. The chassis is made out of carbon fiber for high stability and has a dimension of about 1-by-1 meters and compared to its size, it has a weight of 35 kg.

Due to high power consumption of suction units and electronics, the robot is externally supplied with power. For generating adhesive force each chamber have unique active seal that can be controlled to adjust the pressure inside the chamber. There brushless blowers are responsible for generating low pressure inside the reservoir down to -200 mBar; then air flow will be guided using servo controlled valves to each chamber.



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