Cromsci: Climbing RObot with Multiple Sucking Chambers for Inspection tasks

Contact: Atabak Nezhadfard

Further Information


One unsolved problem of mobile robotics is the inspection of large concrete buildings such as pylons of huge bridges or walls of dams. These dangerous inspection tasks are currently done by humans who are driven inside gondolas to the needed position. To reduce the exposure to danger and the interference of the traffic (some lanes have to be closed during inspection) this prototype will be created.

The major goal of this project is the development of a wheel driven service robot, which can cling to a wall via underpressure. It has to be controllable by a person but should evade obstacles autonomously and inspect the concrete building area-wide. To demonstrate the performance of the system a bridge pylon should be inspected by the robot. Sub-goals of the project are the underpressure chambers including seals and valves, a reliable control architecture and sensorbased perception of the environmental conditions.

For optimal movement the robot CROMSCI is equipped with three single steerable and driven wheels. On an outer ring lies a movable manipulator which should carry the sensor for inspection. The round shape with a complete diameter of 80cm is devided into seven single vacuum chambers for better sucking attributes. Single losses of underpressude can be balanced and the robot will not drop down.