RC Unimog

Contact: Patrick Vonwirth, Qazi Hamza Jan

Further Information


In order to reflect the rising popularity of driving assistants and autonomous driving in consumer products, the project robots RC Unimog has been developed. This experimental robot platform allows bachelor students to collect first experience in these fields of research. Starting from winter semester 2017, the RC Unimog replaces the forklifts that have been used for the bachelor project.

The RC Unimog is a platform based on a popular RC-car. Instead of using an RC-receiver, a Raspberry Pi 3 controls the steering servo and the cruise control. The Raspberry-Pi-Camera and an Asus Xtion capture 2D and 3D images. Using AD-converters, a PWM-board, and the Raspberry-Pi-IO-Pins, the infrared sensors to the left and the right of the vehicle and ultrasonic sensors to the front and the rear are connected. Custom made wheel speed sensors have been added to the wheels.

The software platform is based on this group's robotics framework Finroc and software components of other projects in the group. It offers a convenient interface for the students to implement control software for the robot.




Kickoff Teaser (Winter Semester 1819)
UNIMOG Veranstaltung (Winter Semester 1718)