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RObot-huMAN interaction machine


The interaction between man and robot is often limited to input devices like keyboards and mice. Future applications of mobile robots will use natural interaction. Service robots for example should be able to help a human doing his housework. It is necessary to control such a robot without specific technical knowledge. Especially old people want to communicate in a natural way.

The communication between humans is not only based on speech. It is a complex summary of speech, gestures, mimics and emotional expressions. Therefore, it is necessary to observe the movements of a communication partner. These movements can be the expression of emotions with the help of the skin or a handwave.

An important step towards natural communication is therefore the dynamic modelling of humans. This model enables the robot to interpret the movements of a communication partner and react adequately.

The simulation of the robots environment is realized in the excellence cluster "Dependable Adaptive Systems and Mathematical Modeling" of the German Federal State of Rhineland-Palatinate. The sub-project "Acoustic and Visual Environmental Simulation for Robot Control" (AVES) focuses on the acoustic simulation.


Technical Data

Degrees of Freedom - Upper Body3
Degrees of Freedom - Arms7 (each)
Degrees of Freedom - Hands6 (each)
Degrees of Freedom - Neck4
Degrees of Freedom - Eyes3
Degrees of Freedom - Facial Expressions11

List of Publications

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