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Robust Autonomous Vehicle for Off-road Navigation


Today the world is facing an increasing frequency of natural disasters, large-scale accidents and terrorism. Fire infernos, hurricanes, air crashes and attacks on chemical or nuclear plants are only a few possible scenarios. Unmanned vehicles could patrol frontiers, guard industrial estates, take routine measurements in predefined areas, fulfill reconnaissance tasks in hostile environments or assist in clearance duties in cases of severe accidents or natural disasters.

To meet future demands in autonomous outdoor robotics the Robot Research Laboratory has formulated the development of an entirely autonomous vehicle for rough and vegetated terrain as long term goal.

The reproducible navigation along a predefined track as well as the autonomous exploration and mapping of unknown environments have been defined as crucial target capabilities.





Technical Data

Height1,8m (highest point: GPS-antenna)
Weightapprox. 750 kg
Energy Supply8 Sealed Lead Batteries (12V, 55Ah each)
Operation Timeapprox. 4h
Drive4WD with four independent electric motors
Steeringfront and rear wheel steering via linear motors
Max. velocity10km/h
Controller2 Motorola 56F803 DSPs
Computer4 Industrial PCs
Floor Clearance0,3m
Wheel Diameter0,75m
Max. Sloper100% (at 7km/h)

List of Publications

The publications on this robot will be shown here, soon.

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