Robotics Research Lab


Christopher Armbrust was born in Mainz in 1981. From 2001 to 2007, he studied computer science at the University of Kaiserslautern with a focus on robotics. He completed his studies with his Diploma thesis titled "Mobile Robot Navigation Using Dynamic Maps and a Behaviour-Based Anti-Collision System".

Since 2007, Christopher Armbrust had been a member of the Robotics Research Lab - at first as a PhD student in the PhD programme of the Department of Computer Science and later as a research assistant. His research interests include behaviour-based control systems, autonomous mobile robots, and robot navigation.

In his dissertation entitled "Design and Verification of Behaviour-Based Systems Realising Task Sequences", which he handed in in 2014 and defended in 2015, he deals with the structured development and the formal checking of behaviour-based systems which execute complex tasks. Furthermore, Christopher Armbrust coordinated the participation of the Robotics Research Lab in the EU FP7 project ICARUS, which deals with the application of robots in search and rescue operations.

Christopher Armbrust left the Robotics Research Lab in September 2015.



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