Robotics Research Lab

Dr.-Ing. Daniel Lettler

(Birth name: Schmidt)




Daniel Lettler was born in 1983 and finished his final secondary-school examinations in 2002. After his civilian service he attended the University of Kaiserslautern from 2003 until he graduated with a degree in applied computer sciences (Dipl.-Inf.) in 2009.
He wrote his diploma thesis titled "Soil Simulation and Behavior-Based Control for Landscaping Tasks of an Autonomous Bucket Excavator" at the Robotics Research Lab.
Since June 2009 he was doing his Ph.D. in the context of automation of complex landscaping task of a mobile excavator for medium sized excavation sites and daylight mines. He has been working on the parallel particle simulation of material on GPUs, development of hierarchically ordered behavior-based system architecture, and algorithms for rating and planning within the highly dynamic area around the machines.



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