Robotics Research Lab


Sebastian Blank was born in 1981 in Hachenburg, Germany. He attended University of Kaiserslautern from 2002 until he graduated with a degree in computer engineering (Dipl.-Technoinform.) in 2009. During this time he spent a semester at the "Robotics and Automation Laboratory" (Michigan State University, USA) under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Ning Xi and Dr. Yantao Shen to work on a project dealing with high precision robot calibration. The work for his diploma thesis was performed at the Robotics Research (RR) Lab. His topic was the design and implementation of a distributed compliant control architecture for biologically inspired behavior-based robots in highly dynamic applications. Since Spring of 2009 he is employed as research assistant and Ph.D. student at the RR Lab. The focus of his work are state determination and data fusion in complex embedded systems.


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